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Welcome to the Fatbush cannabis seeds bank ! Home of the famous Marseille Haze, Codeine Kush, California Skunk, Quantum Kush, and Orang Outan Glue.

Many years of hard work breeding and selecting the best cannabis strains all around the world from Marseille to Medellin, to make sure to sell the best autoflowering and feminized seeds. We are in this game since 2012 so whether you are a novice or a growing veteran, you can rest assured that Fastbush have the cannabis seeds you are looking for. We have a huge range of amazing feminized, Autoflowering, and CBD seeds.

Cannabis cultivation has become a popular hobby and a lucrative business opportunity for many enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a beginner, the foundation of a successful cannabis garden starts with high quality cannabis seeds. The quality of your cannabis seeds plays a crucial role in determining the yield, potency, and overall quality of your weed.

Reliable Cannabis Seed Bank

Our goal is to be the most reliable cannabis seeds bank that you can find online. So that’s why, apart for selling only good genetics, we want to be sure that you will receive your weed seeds in the most discreet way possible. If you are in Europe, your order will normally arrive within ten business days, but sometimes they show up in as little as two or three. Shipping with Tracking number and secured payment !

Can I legally buy cannabis seeds online from your seedbank ?

Of course, at this stage the cannabis seeds do not contain THC, so it is quite possible to buy them legally on the internet. However, it is strictly forbidden by law to germinate them. Fatbush is in no way responsible for the use you make of the cannabis seeds purchased on the seed-shop. The germination of seeds is prohibited and engages only you.

Which cannabis seeds do you recommend?

The characteristics of the seeds vary according to the variety and above all, if they are Indica, hybrids or Sativa, some cannabis seeds are known for their resistance to a cold climate, others for their fast flowerinf, their THC or CBD content, or their yield.

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Payment and Delivery of you Cannabis Seeds

On our Website, you can pay by Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards. By Bitcoin, bank transfer and Paypal.

Fatbush is shipping to all countries in Europe like France, United KIngdom, Ireland, Iceland but we also ship way further to countries like Australia, New Zealand or Canada. We don’t ship to USA.

Our Weed Seeds are shipped in plain, unmarked packaging without any indication of the contents inside.

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Why Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

A reputable online seed banks like Fatbush Seeds provide high-quality cannabis seeds that are genetically stable, have good germination rates, and are free from disease or pests. We also conduct regular quality control tests to ensure the viability and quality of our seeds. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you are purchasing cannabis seeds of reliable quality.

Germination rate is the percentage of seeds that successfully sprout into seedlings. Our cannabis seeds have a high germination rate, typically above 90%, as it indicates that the seeds are of high quality and more likely to sprout into healthy plants.