cannabis seeds

Fatbush Seeds is a new high quality cannabis seeds breeding company. After many years of incredible growing experiences, we decided to share our works by selling our cannabis seeds. All our strains are good stabilized genetics. Whatever the kind of seeds you need, feminized or autoflowering, you will end up with proper quality. All our seeds can be grown in different medias or substrate like hydroponics, coco or Soil. Some of strains will grow easier in Mediterranean climate, but we offer some that will also grow perfectly in Northern Europe cold climate like UK, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium or Netherlands.

At Fatbush, some of the marijuana strains we sell are unique like Bushy Ryder, Marseille Haze (if you are looking for High THC) or the already legendary Codeine Kush (if you are more in need of medical seeds and high relaxation), but we also have good old classics like the White Widow, AK47, Jack Herer, OG Kush, Blue cheese and more. Also, be aware that our cannabis seeds are also available in Bulk.

Nowadays, the cannabis market is way bigger that it used to be, with the arrival of the Bitcoin and the legalization of marijuana in some countries like Uruguay or some US States like Colorado or California. More and more competitors, more website, more cannabis seed banks, reputation is very important, that why we provide you provide with good stuff.

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