Amnesia Auto XXL


Amnesia Auto XXL produces a lot of buds, and her THC content and flavor are precisely what we’d expect from an excellent autoflowering strain.



Amnesia Auto grows quickly and adapts well to a variety of substrates and environments. It may produce a large amount of product when grown in hydroponic systems.

The aroma of Haze, lemon, incense, and pine is strong and exquisite in Amnesia XXL Autoflowering.

Amnesia XXL Auto gives a long-lasting intellectual and psychedelic impact, as one could expect considering her Sativa dominance.

Her high THC concentration, which makes her more ideal for daytime usage or creative activity rather than bedtime, should not be taken lightly by inexperienced users.

Genetics: Amnesia Auto
Sativa / Indica hybrid
Cultivation cycle: 11 weeks
Yield: XXL
Aroma: Haze – citric
Effect: active
THC: 23%

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