High THC Seeds

Looking for cannabis effects that are more powerful than anything you’ve ever experienced, even in college? The THC content of our high THC strains exceeds 20%, some as high as 30%. Ready for it? Of course because you love the euphoric feeling of THC.


Marijuana seeds with strong THC levels

Most high THC cannabis seeds are hybrids like Bruce Banner, Blue Dream or Chiquita Banana. What kind of effects are you looking for? deeply cerebral, very relaxing or psychedelic? Please note that we also sell high THC autoflowering seeds such as AK47 Auto, Purple Punch or Green Crack Auto.

Optimal growing conditions or favorable outdoor weather conditions are required for maximum THC results.

Is there THC in marijuana seeds?

It may seem like a silly question. Do the seeds contain THC? THC is not present in marijuana seeds. One of the reasons they are allowed in so many nations is because of this. However, they have all the genes necessary to make a plant that will produce a huge amount of THC-rich flower.


Don’t overdo it, supercharge your plant with water and nutrients that will not help or increase the THC content of your marijuana plant. To get the highest possible THC levels, it is important to maintain a clean grow space that is free of pests and diseases. Your cannabis is stressed by pests and diseases, which reduces growth and yield quality.

Showing 1–16 of 30 results

Showing 1–16 of 30 results