Afghan Kush Auto


An Afghan Kush and a Rudelaris were crossed to create the cannabis seed known as Afghan Kush Auto.

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It is essentially a 100% Indica strain from the northern part of Afghanistan called Afghan Kush that is autoflowering.

Afghan Kush Auto thrives in both indoor and outdoor environments and develops most well with 20 hours of light every day.

It could be harvested more than once in the same year if grown in areas with suitable weather.

Additionally, it is insect and moisture resistant.

High resin production in Afghan Kush Auto results in a potent and alluring Old School scent. Consumers with more experience may be able to identify hash undertones blended with sweet citrus undertones and earthy and pine flavors.

Afghan Kush Auto has a strong flavor and perfume with traces of anise and hashish from Afghanistan.

Afghan Kush Auto has a potent and calming impact that makes it ideal for medical application.

85 / 15 Indica Sativa hybrid
Complete cycle: 8-9 weeks
Indoor yield: 400-500g per m2
Outdoor yield: 50-130g plant
Size: 60-90 cm
THC: 22%

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