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Our AK47 Auto came from the crossing of two legendary strains : AK47 and Lowryder. She is the best AK47 autoflower ever.

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The growth phase of AK47 Autoflower will last around 20 days, this little jewel will start flowering automatically. AK 47 Auto is quite small and discreet, very good to grow in your balcony. We recommend to use 7 liters pots. In good condition, you can expect up to 90 grams on a plant outdoor. Indoor, result might depend on the kind of light you have.

You will have a high quality product in 70 days after you put the seed in the soil. Our AK47 Autoflowering is sure shot.

Mostly Sativa
Production: 90g /plant
70 days
Height : 80 cm
THC : 17 %

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