Black Domina


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Our Black Domina is a feminized variant of a renowned strain that is greatly liked and admired. She’s a fantastic Indica cocktail worth trying thanks to her roots, which include the top four Indica strains in history. We may now enjoy her feminised variant, which not only displays a great genetic constitution but also grows well in the hands of inexperienced gardeners.

Black Domina is known for her quick flowering, endurance, and petite stature, and she develops huge, compact buds all throughout the main cola, which becomes a stunning dark-green, nearly black color. A stunning sight to see, especially when the buds are adorned with numerous trichomes and orangey filaments.

Black Domina has a strong peppery flavor that is complemented by unique elements of Afghan hash, earth, sandalwood, and spices. Because her impact is so plainly Indica, i.e. mind-numbingly soporific, she’s ideal for relaxing or relieving muscle tension, discomfort, or sleeplessness.

Indoor flowering: 50-60 days
Outdoor harvest: early October
Yield: High

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