Blueberry Auto


A hybrid between a blueberry and a ruderalis produced the cannabis seed known as Blueberry Auto.


A tiny, sturdy marijuana plant with medium-sized leaves, Blueberry Auto has thick, resin-coated buds that become bluish when exposed to chilly nighttime temperatures.

Blueberry Auto has a strong flavor and aroma with hints of wood, sweet fruit, and blueberries. It produces a strong, enduring, primarily physical effect.

Just enough light, a full complement of organic fertilizers, and ideal growing circumstances are all that are needed for this genetics to provide exceptional results. Due of its unusually compact form, some leaves may be removed during flowering. By the end of cultivation, this variety should benefit from a good root flush to bring out the most of its organoleptic characteristics.

With an immediate effect, this powerful strain has THC concentrations of up to 22%. a state of combined bodily and mental relaxation that has a very minimal anxiety impact and is perfect for unwinding while supporting discussion. Just a sense of calm and well-being, not strong enough to keep you shackled to the couch.

65 / 35 Indica Sativa hybrid
Complete cycle: 9 weeks
Indoor yield: 400-500g per m2
Outdoor harvest: 50-150g per plant
Size: 70-110cm
THC: 22%

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