Golden CBD Auto


Genetics with high levels of CBD with very sweet aromas. In addition to its high production, it is characterized by the speed of its flowering. Produces large, hard and compact flowers.


Autoflowering CBD strains are a great choice for those looking to grow their own medicine. Autoflowering CBD strains are a type of cannabis that has been bred to flower automatically when it reaches a certain age, rather than requiring specific light cycles like most other strains. This makes them incredibly easy to grow and the perfect choice for beginner growers. The buds produced by autoflowering CBD strains are full of therapeutic compounds and have a higher CBD content than other cannabis strains.

They are great for treating a variety of medical conditions including anxiety, depression, and pain. Autoflowering CBD strains are also known for their fast flowering times, usually taking between 8 and 10 weeks from seed to harvest. They also tend to be shorter and more compact than other cannabis strains, making them ideal for growing in small spaces. Autoflowering CBD strains are a great choice for those looking to grow their own medicine, and can provide a reliable source of high-quality cannabis.

Autoflowering variety.
30% sativa | 70% Indica.
Stable and homogeneous culture.
Harvest 60 days after germination.
Production: 40 to 120gr per plant.
Aroma and sweet taste.
THC : 8%
CBD : 20%

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3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds


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