Monster Cookies Auto

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Our Monster Cookies Autoflower grows remarkably quickly and does well in cold climate and with short summers like Ireland, Scotland or Sweden.


Monster Cookies Auto will quickly develop into a bushy plant with one dominant main central cola and numerous sets of lateral branches covered in long, thin leaves. Monster Cookies Auto like all autoflowering genotypes,  not extremely labour-intensive and is simple to grow. She actually possesses both resistance and speed..

Cannabis Growers should be prepared to harvest some outstanding plants that are noteworthy in size in just 75 days after seeding. She will have a crushing surge of wonderful ecstasy as her effect, which will subsequently anchor your mind and body in deep rest.

Harvest: 8-9 weeks from seedling
Indoor yield: 500-650gr/m2
Outdoor yield: 70-300gr/plant
Height: 60-100cm
THC: 22%

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3 seeds, 5 seeds, 10 seeds, 50 seeds, 100 seeds

1 review for Monster Cookies Auto

  1. Johan Thaithai

    I recently tried Monster Cookies and it was absolutely amazing. The flavor was sweet and earthy with a hint of citrus, and the effects were strong and long-lasting. It provided a nice, relaxing body high that made me feel relaxed and peaceful. The strain also had a nice, calming mental effect as well, allowing my thoughts to drift away in a pleasant and peaceful state. Now i am horny as fuck…

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