Orangutan Glue


Orangutan Glue is a feminized autoflowering plant that came from the successful crossing of a Gorilla Glue, a Californian orange and a ruderalis. 4 years of hard work to obtain this perfection. Her effect is limitless.



Fatbush is very proud of Orangutan Glue. There is 4 years of professional breeding work behind. It’s a cannabis for the Gorilla Glue lovers and the new generation of American strains. About her size, the plant is small to medium. It’s quite a discreet strain, perfect for balcony or small gardens.

Orangutan Glue produces a good amount of resin and the buds are compact. It’s a generous plant regarding harvest, as you can get 25 / 30g for example just under a 125 watt cfl lamp (see pic). Outdoor she’s growing like a charm and quite easily.

But the most important side of Orangutan Glue is the effect. One puff and you feel good, but two puffs and you ll feel limitless. Indeed, this strain has a very powerful cerebral effect. Handle with very good care. The strain has a very good medical value too, but it’s very strong… medical smokers might prefer something lower in THC. It’s the perfect strain to party, Orangutan goes very well with good craft beers.

Feminized autoflowering
Gorilla Glue x California Orange x Ruderalis
Indoor flowering time: 9 weeks
Indoor yield: 450 g/m2
Harvest outdoors: September
Outdoor yield: 50-300 g/plant
Height: 60-80 cm
THC: High
EFFECT: Cerebral and Limitless

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