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BushyMed CBD is 20% of CBD, and less than 1% of THC, so almost free of THC. It’s a perfect feminized medical cannabis seed !

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BushyMed was created for medical marijuana users who don’t want the recreational affects of the cannabis plant. As a result, Delimed CBD Plus has a high CBD content while being completely devoid of psychoactive effects.

This Sativa-dominant hybrid is the result of crossbreeding two CBD-rich strains.

In an indoor grow tent, BushyMed can produce up to 600g per m2 and up to 1200g per plant outdoors.

Because of its CBD concentration of 20% and THC content of 0.6 percent, it has a non-psychoactive and cerebral impact. It has a very soothing and tranquil impact that leaves you feeling at ease while keeping you focused on your daily duties.

Sativa dominant hybrid
Indoor flowering: 55-60 days
Outdoor flowering: Late September
Indoor yield: 600g per m2
Outdoor yield: 1200g per plant
CBD: 20%
THC: 0.6%

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