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How to make cannabis cuttings with Clonex

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Clonex is a rooting hormone gel that can be used to make cannabis cuttings. Clonex is designed to stimulate root growth and increase the success rate of cuttings. In this article, we’ll take you through the steps of making cannabis cuttings with Clonex.

Selecting the Right Plants: When making cannabis cuttings, it’s important to select healthy plants that are free from pests and diseases. Choose plants that have strong stems and healthy leaves.

Preparing Your Materials: To make cannabis cuttings with Clonex, you’ll need a few materials. These include a sharp knife, Clonex rooting hormone gel, rooting cubes or pots filled with soil or a soilless growing medium, and a spray bottle filled with water.

Taking the Cuttings: Cut a small branch from your cannabis plant, making sure that it has at least one node or leaf. Cut the stem at a 45-degree angle, as this will help to increase the surface area for rooting. Remove any excess leaves or branches from the stem.

Applying Clonex: Dip the end of the stem in the Clonex rooting hormone gel, making sure to cover the entire cut area. Shake off any excess gel.

Planting the Cuttings: Insert the cutting into a rooting cube or pot filled with soil or a soilless growing medium. Spray the cutting with water to help it settle into the soil. Cover the cutting with a humidity dome or plastic bag to help retain moisture.

Caring for the Cuttings: Place the cuttings in a warm, well-lit location, but avoid direct sunlight. Keep the soil moist and mist the leaves with water regularly. Check the cuttings regularly for signs of growth.

Transplanting: Once the cuttings have developed roots, you can transplant them into larger pots or into your garden. It’s important to be gentle when transplanting, as the roots will be delicate.

In conclusion, Clonex is a great tool for making cannabis cuttings. By following these simple steps, you can increase the success rate of your cuttings and grow healthy cannabis plants. Remember to select healthy plants, apply Clonex carefully, and provide your cuttings with the right environment to promote root growth. With a little patience and care, you’ll be able to grow high-quality cannabis plants from cuttings.

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